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& Events

Each wedding is unique and there is great joy in creating something beautiful

After spending years working with weddings at the Resort I soon realized that people were more and more conscious about the environment and appreciated the love and passion behind a small family business.

In the last few years I've been thankfully witnessing an increasing desire for simple yet elegant decorations that are in perfect harmony with the season and place.



We create with what we were given...

In our field we grow beautiful and unusual stems of flowers, many that can’t be found in the market, following the rhythm of nature in an effort to respect and protect our beautiful land.

All our arrangements are created with seasonal flowers grown by us with organic methods or sourced locally.

For all our weddings we are committed to using sustainable practices while arranging our flowers to ensure that these moments of love and joy will become everlasting only in our sweetest memories.


Wedding day

Each wedding is special and unique and we pride ourselves with creating fully bespoke projects for every couple.

From your ceremony to your dinner table, we are happy to explore the endless options and work on a 

vision that is tailored to your taste and desires.

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Welcome dinner and farewell lunch!

We always have so much fun creating fun and beautiful flower set ups
for your Welcome Dinner and Farewell Lunch or dinner!


Get in touch!

If you are planning a wedding and are interested in receiving an offer from us, please send us an email.


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