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My journey to becoming a flower farmer and florist was one that
I never saw coming.

My name is Beatrice and I was born and raised in Milan.
I graduated in Business and after spending a few years abroad and a few more working in fashion, in 2015 I moved to Tuscany in the heart of Maremma.

For the next six years, together with my sister and our husbands, we worked tirelessly to build from scratch what is now
La Pescaia Resort.

....then one day, during the spring  of 2020, I decided to buy fifty dahlia bulbs.

With no skills nor knowledge in gardening, I soon realized that what I had to offer was my time, my care and mostly my patience to turn a stony piece of dirt into a blooming garden.

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As the months went by, I felt more and more connected with nature, its sounds and its rhythms, its colors and shapes.

Every morning and evening I would spend hours in the garden and lose the sense of time, only the heat of the sun and the darkness of dusk would remind me of time passing.

Soon my fear of failure started fading away replaced by a great sense of fulfillment.


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Our farm is 100% organic, and that was never in question...

From a very young age, I was taught by my mother of the importance to protect every living creature.

 She would make me appreciate how perfect and yet fragile the ecosystem around us was and how crucial it was for us to respect it.


My mom showed me how to see the beauty in every aspect of the natural world and how everything existed for a reason, even a rock. To us it’s just a rock but to an animal it might be a home, a scratching post, a hiding place, and just because we can’t see the value it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I soon learned that everything in nature it's intrinsically connected and that how we treat the natural world is a better reflection of how we treat ourselves and how we treat each other.


Our Flower Studio began as a natural extension to our farm...

With all these beautiful blooms coming back from them field it felt natural to start creating arrangements.
First it was just vases for our dinner table and then, given their success, I started decorating La Pescaia with my arrangements.
Soon clients started asking for bouquet as a gift or a floral installation for a special dinner and from there our journey began. 

We hope that our journey and love for nature will inspire others, and to you...

Thank you for taking the time,

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